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Meet Jeff May

CEO of US Tactical
Jeff May is the President and CEO of US Tactical, based in Northern Virginia. Jeff founded US Tactical back in 1992 and started selling firearms and other related shooting equipment. Over the years, US Tactical has grown into a custom firearms manufacturer offering custom gunsmithing as well as other retail products.
Jeff started gunsmithing back in 2000 and quickly became known in the area as one of the top gunsmiths. The laser engraving side of his business came about from building custom rifles and 1911 pistols that needed to be engraved with his company information per ATF specifications. That first laser has grown into a business of its own. Now, he operates four lasers in his shop.
Jeff is a retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant and enjoys the hunting and shooting sports. Besides serving his country in the Marine Corps for twenty years, Jeff is a licensed aircraft mechanic and airline transport pilot. When Jeff is not in the shop working on guns, he is flying a Boeing 777 for United Airlines.